Here is a list of some of the services I provide

Live Tracking
OverdubbingVoice Over Work
Music Composition
Music Arranging
ADRSound Sweeting
Sound Design
Post Audio

I can Producer, Composer, Engineer and play on your recording. I can help you take your songs from ideas to fully produced music. I have video and film services available to document the artistic process. I can record, mix and master your band or artist project from start to finish

What I do

I provide high quality music and live production, such as Producing, Enginnering, Tracking, Live Sound Recording, Mixing, Songwriting, Voice Overdubs, Post Audio for Film and Live Broadcast.

What can be done

In addition, I work in conjunction with Music Video, TV and Live Broadcast Recording, Editing and Remixing.

What we can do together

I bring over 15 years of producing, recording and 20 years of live performance and songwriting to all my productions. Email me today at: [email protected] for a competitive quote for all your sound production needs.

What's your inspiration?

Let's talk about it.

I would love to work with you, so get in touch with me today and lets chat about your project. You can E-mail me at: [email protected]

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