Here is a list of the hardware and software that I use

Protools 10 software
Nuemann U87 Vintage
Logic Pro X
Peluso 22 251 Tube Mic
Appogee Symphony
Nuemann KM 184 (2)
Apoogee Duet 2
Audio Technica 4033
Waves Studio Classic Collection
Sennheiser MD 421-II (3)
Waves Chris Lord-Alge Classic
Sennheiser E 609
  CompressorsSennheiser 604 (5)
Waves Renn Max
Sennheiser E 602
Shure SM-58 (5)
URS Pluggins
Shure SM 57 (7)
All Steven Slate Pluggins
Plus much more---------
Empirical Labs Distressor
Blue Sky Pro Desk 2.1
Alan Smart C2
Avatone Mix Cube
DBX 160 XT (2)
Radial direct boxes
Sans Amp-Bass Driver DI
Vintech 73i (2)
Vox AC30 Custom Classic
Vintech 472 Quad
Brent Averill API 312 (6)
Marshall 1960BX 4X12 Guitar Cab

What I do

I provide high quality music and live production, such as Producing, Enginnering, Tracking, Live Sound Recording, Mixing, Songwriting, Voice Overdubs, Post Audio for Film and Live Broadcast.

What can be done

In addition, I work in conjunction with Music Video, TV and Live Broadcast Recording, Editing and Remixing.

What we can do together

I bring over 15 years of producing, recording and 20 years of live performance and songwriting to all my productions. Email me today at: [email protected] for a competitive quote for all your sound production needs.

What's your inspiration?

Let's talk about it.

I would love to work with you, so get in touch with me today and lets chat about your project. You can E-mail me at: [email protected]

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